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Range of Steels

While AFPL has the infrastructure & capability to forge almost any raw material, we specialize in forging Super Duplex steels and Exotic Nickel, Copper & Chromium based alloys of international quality, that require extensive forging experience & craftsmanship. These Super-alloys a.k.a high performance alloys have become the steel of choice for corrosion resistance and versatility.

Some of the Raw Materials Forged By Us Are:

Carbon steels (such as A-105, EN-8, EN-9)

Low temperature steels (such as A-350, LF-1 & LF-2)

Stainless steels (such as F-304, F-316, F-321 & F-347 series)

Low Alloy steels (such as A-182, F-1, F-5, F-9, F-11, F-22, F-91)

Duplex/Super Duplex steels (such as F-44, F-51, F-53, F-55, F-60)

Non-Ferrous Alloy steels such Brass, Cupro-Nickel (90/10, 80/20)

Exotic Nickel Based Alloy Steels:

Monel 400

Inconel (600,601,625 and above)

Incoloy (800, 800H/800HT and above)

Hastelloy (C-276)

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